I’m not going to start with the old ‘who has the time?’ line.  I mean, at the end of the day, who has the time?  Everyone is busy.  But if everyone is busy, then how do books get written?  How do committees get organised?  And how does society ever move forward with anything worth while?

It’s a busy world, but what is it they say — if you want something done, ask a busy person.

I’m amazed by the number of people who have time for soap operas and celebrity gossip, but they don’t have time to read a decent book — what is that all about?

Now, I say all of this and here I am procrastinating, because I haven’t time to write a full review post this week, but I do intend to rectify that sooner rather than later!

I’ve finished the Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett and In Bitter Chill by Sarah Warde in the last week and now I’m moving onto Elizabeth is Missing, but unfortunately, tonight it’s all work reading, so I’ll be lucky to get a start on anything truly entertaining!

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Ah well, the weekend is coming, right?

And then it’s headlong into the new novel and a fiction fest!!!

Pride Isn’t What Comes Before The Fall

Food for thought — the best kind, chocolate cake kind of food for thought!
Haven’t we all done this, made little of achievements of those close to us, not on purpose, but just to be modest, I know it chokes you for ages afterwards! Still, if there’s learning in it….
thanks for the post Alyssa, I really enjoyed reading it!

Just Alyssa

@Celia.Huddart, doing what she does, working hard and having fun. @Celia.Huddart, doing what she does, working hard and having fun.

My daughter and I were driving to one of many appointments that surround her blossoming weightlifting career. We have an early A.R.T. appointment, then a massage, then she has to go work out. Her pursuit of a spot on Team USA is a job. For both of us. It never occurred to me that I might be raising a future Olympian. I never would have even tried for that. It came to us – which, I now know, is how it happens. They find you, not the other way around. They’re like a sporting spy agency, and they have secret agents everywhere. But, that’s not the point.

We do all this because we truly believe that she’s good enough to have a shot. She, more than me even, believes that she can and will make “The Team.”

We were talking…

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Peter James — Best Seller!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Peter James?

Roy Grace?  Brighton?  Twitter Feed?  or the Super Agent — after all, Carol Blake is as big a seller in her own right as many of her authors!

For me, it’s the stand alones.  I came to Peter James in around 2001, a time when I lived alone in a small cottage in the country with a docile non-barking beagle and a broken heart.  Peter James came along and he woke me up — literally, I didn’t sleep for a whole week while I made my way through the Alchemist, Possession and Host.  I loved them.


Hooked from the word go.  Of course, at the time it wasn’t as easy to get your hands on Peter James books and I remember two of them being brought back from London, which I quickly devoured and raved about them to anyone who’d listen.  For me, it was as much the research around each book that made it special.  It was quite obvious that James spent as much time researching as he did writing.  His plotting is meticulous, but it is his way of drawing out the story that reels you in.   He is the consummate story teller.  As the years have worn on and life is now a lot fuller than it was on those winter nights in my little cottage, my reading time has become far more precious, I pick and choose my books with care.

Roy Grace and his team in Brighton have featured on my books shelves, but I have to admit there is nothing like the old one offs.  There is no doubt that James writes a great crime procedural and heaven knows I’m a big fan of the genre, but for him it seems such a waste, such an easy way out, after all, he has a back list of greats without having to resort to a series.


The Alchemist, re-released, with a flashy new cover remains a favorite.  It is the story about Montanna Bannerman’s brush with the ‘most caring’ pharmaceutical company in the world.  After Monty’s father agrees to work with Bendix Schere, they begin to question the ethics of the big multi national.  Soon there are dead bodies, questionable ethics, science versus magic and Monty is not sure where to turn.  In a quest for answers, the reader is led down a road with the most unexpected twists and turns.  A real heart stopper in places, a throat tightener, breath holder.  Conspiracy theories and the occult all find room to flit through this assured story.  James throws all of our expectations, beliefs and questions into a  maelstrom of action and conjecture, but expertly pulls us through the story to a satisfying conclusion.

And next…

The House On Cold Hill

A Stand Alone…

Will I be reading the next one?  You bet, I’m looking forward to it already!