So, what are you reading now…

I have a theory, it’s simple really.

If you’re a reader, then you’re a reader.  To the non reading community out there (do they actually exist?)  It comes as a surprise when you say you are reading, not one, not two, but usually three books at a time.  So, I wonder, how many books do other people keep on their night tables at a time.  For me, currently its….

The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett.

uncommon-reader (1)

I started reading this over breakfast this morning, really enjoying it.  It’s a short book, written in the clipped tones of her majesty with a smattering of the common man thrown in.  Unlikely to last too many days I fear, an early night planned tonight so it could be finished by the morning.

In Bitter Chill by Sarah Ward.


One of my two reading principles of this year is to read at least twelve debuts and this is proving very enjoyable.  Note to self, must review this pretty soon! The other is to read twelve books published by small houses!  (And I’m doing quite nicely on that too, thank you!)

Finally, I’m re-reading;

How to Practise, The Way to a Meaningful Life,

by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


Like I say, not my first time reading this, and it strikes me sometimes how far I have to go, but occasionally, as you go about the mundane daily stuff, words and intentions come back to you and maybe, just maybe some of the teachings will brush off.  I can only hope and keep trying!


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