Thanks for stopping by!

I’m going to assume you’re a reader, maybe a writer?  If so, then we have something in common!  This is my second time to start a blog, the first was a miserable attempt, but I’ve been inspired by so many good blogs (see the growing list of links!) out there so here we go….

I’ve loved reading since I was a little girl, eagerly awaiting my weekly copy of Twinkle.  Over the years I tried to convince myself that my reading habits had become more sophisticated and along the way, I’ve read quite a few of the classics, but I’m happiest of all with a good old thriller, on a windy night, a hot chocolate and a fat cat purring contentedly beside me.

Besides reading too many books, I’m a typical Irish mammy, wife, reluctant jogger and writer.  Oh, yes — and of course I work too, but we won’t be mentioning that here!

The big passion is books, reading, writing and editing them.  Time to get on with it so,