Some books to read a second and third time..

Here are some of the books that you may not need to read more than once, but you’ll probably want to!


This is a super book, I only discovered Kate Morton last year, but once I got my hands on this, I literally hardly left it down until I’d read it twice, I really enjoyed it!


Almost too obvious, I read this first time round when I was about fourteen, it’s one of those to take down when you’re off work with a cold, never fails to comfort and goes well with hot lemon and honey!


Hardly a surprise entry, after all, Harry has sold gazillions world wide, I’m surely not the only one who’s read this more than once and now I’m onto the fourth of my children loving it!  Happy days!


I love everything Deirdre Purcell has written since she started to write,  there is no doubt that we have some very fine writers on the island of Ireland, but for her wit and her grasp of kindness and humanity, I think she is one of our under-sung heroes.


Like most readers, there’s always more than one book on the go and when it comes to matters spiritual or if you prefer a little personal growth, I’m a true junkie.  I have a pile on the bottom shelf beside the bed with Eckart, Jack, Oprah and all the feel goods.  I’ve read and re-read them many times over and always find something new when I go back to them!


Still, the tops!

My most guilty pleasure, is to cuddle up with cat and coffee and Agatha Christie — the best when it’s raining outside and every one assumes you’re busy doing the ironing!