Pride Isn’t What Comes Before The Fall

Food for thought — the best kind, chocolate cake kind of food for thought!
Haven’t we all done this, made little of achievements of those close to us, not on purpose, but just to be modest, I know it chokes you for ages afterwards! Still, if there’s learning in it….
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Just Alyssa

@Celia.Huddart, doing what she does, working hard and having fun. @Celia.Huddart, doing what she does, working hard and having fun.

My daughter and I were driving to one of many appointments that surround her blossoming weightlifting career. We have an early A.R.T. appointment, then a massage, then she has to go work out. Her pursuit of a spot on Team USA is a job. For both of us. It never occurred to me that I might be raising a future Olympian. I never would have even tried for that. It came to us – which, I now know, is how it happens. They find you, not the other way around. They’re like a sporting spy agency, and they have secret agents everywhere. But, that’s not the point.

We do all this because we truly believe that she’s good enough to have a shot. She, more than me even, believes that she can and will make “The Team.”

We were talking…

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Captain Arthur Hastings Vs Dr. John H. Watson: Similarities and Differences

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The Bibulous Bibliobiuli

Agatha Christie, who was greatly influenced by the works of Sir Arthur Conon Doyle, introduced one character called ‘Captain Arthur Hastings’ in her works in accordance with the model of Sherlock Holmes’s close associate Dr. John H. Watson. She even named this character as ‘Arthur’ after the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Christie depicted Hastings as a close friend of his famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. Despite the fact that Hastings is present in almost all the short stories featuring Poirot, he appears as a character in only eight of the Poirot novels.

Captain Hastings of Agatha Christie is too similar to Dr. Watson of Sir Doyle. In fact, almost for point to point, these two characters are same. Read the following points and you will come to know what I am trying to say.

  • While Dr. Watson is a companion-chronicler of Sherlock Holmes, Captain Arthur Hastings is a companion-chronicler…

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